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Clinton, Trump head into final stretch

10:00 am Oct. 20, 2016

From Las Vegas, Nevada –

With the final debate behind them, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump moved out on the campaign trail Thursday, with a little more than two and a half weeks left in


Trump takes flak on accepting election results

2:00 am Oct. 20, 2016

From Las Vegas, Nevada –

Donald Trump faced fresh criticism from Democrats and some Republicans in the Congress after saying in the third debate with Hillary Clinton that he would not immediately accept the results of the elections if he loses in November, a stance that Hillary Clinton immediately labeled as “horrifying.”

“Donald Trump saying that he might not accept election results is beyond the pale,” said Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), one


Quick takes on the final Clinton-Trump debate

9:40 pm Oct. 19, 2016

From Las Vegas, Nevada –

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton clashed on a series of divisive election year issues in their final debate, as both charged the other was “unfit” to serve as President of the United States, with Trump arguing that Clinton was too entrenched in the status quo, while Clinton said Trump is not experienced enough to run the country.

Here is a quick look at what went on in


What to look for in tonight’s debate

5:06 pm Oct. 19, 2016

From Las Vegas, Nevada –

After Donald Trump brought in three women who had accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault to the second debate, no one here is quite sure what to expect from the Trump campaign, with all sorts of hints in the air that Trump will again seek to highlight accusations against the former President.

Here’s what to look for tonight.

1. What else can happen this year?. There has

Behind the scenes at the final Clinton-Trump debate

9:25 am Oct. 19, 2016

From Las Vegas, Nevada –

After stops in New York, Virginia, and Missouri, the Presidential Debate carnival has arrived here in the unique American destination of Las Vegas, as the University of Nevada at Las


Trump, Clinton ready for last debate

3:01 am Oct. 19, 2016

From Las Vegas, Nevada –

With less than three weeks to go to Election Day, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will square off in their final Presidential debate, as Trump is again grabbing headlines with his invited guests, as he tries to score points against both the President and Mr. Obama’s former Secretary of State.

“(Wednesday) is going to be an interesting night,” Trump said to cheers at a Tuesday rally


2 Democratic aides out over Trump protests

7:32 pm Oct. 18, 2016

Less than 24 hours after an undercover video surfaced that showed a liberal political organizer bragging about how he had paid people to disrupt Donald Trump campaign events and spur violent reactions, the Democratic National Committee fired one aide and another resigned from his work with the party, as Republicans denounced the effort as an election year dirty trick.

“The protesters are paid a lot of money by the DNC,” Trump


Trump calls for term limits on Congress

2:58 pm Oct. 18, 2016

A day after vowing to limit the revolving door that sees top federal officials and lawmakers in Congress move into lobbying jobs in Washington, D.C., Donald Trump said today he would press the country to


Three weeks to Election Day

7:42 am Oct. 18, 2016

From Las Vegas, Nevada –

With the final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump just a day away, time is running out for the two major party candidates – and the voters – to


Trump demands more answers on Clinton emails

11:22 pm Oct. 17, 2016

Hours after new FBI documents were released on the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server from her time as Secretary of State, Donald Trump told a rally in Wisconsin that it was more evidence of a scandal that he argues is “worse than Watergate.”

To combat that, Trump unveiled a plan on Monday that would not allow top administration officials to lobby the federal government until they’ve been out of