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The Senate Jumps The House

8:31 pm Sep. 30, 2008

Senate leaders have decided not to wait for the House to produce a Wall Street rescue plan, so they are forging ahead with their own, setting a vote for Wednesday night.  The deal will include some controversial tax legislation as well, which could complicate matters. So this could either be …

21st Century Leadership

6:24 pm Sep. 30, 2008

The events of the financial crisis that has gripped Wall Street and the world has been very instructive in terms of telling us who is effectively doing their job in this heavy duty political and financial minefield. I think back to last week, when President Bush addressed the nation about …

The Regulators Step Up

6:13 pm Sep. 30, 2008

The public face on the government’s efforts to keep the economy from keeling over has been the Treasury Secretary and the Federal Reserve Chairman in recent weeks.  That may now be changing behind the scenes, as some real regulators step up to the plate. As I write this, I’m trying …

A New Set Of Downs

5:54 pm Sep. 30, 2008

Key lawmakers are set to meet again on Wednesday morning in both houses of Congress, eager to show a freaked out Wall Street that the House and Senate will approve a bailout bill soon, maybe by the end of the week. A number of items were being floated for possible …

The Bailout Vote Breakdown

6:10 am Sep. 30, 2008

Here is the state by state rundown of how lawmakers in the U.S. House voted on the Wall Street bailout bill that was rejected on Monday by a vote of 228-205. -ALABAMA   Democrats — Cramer, Y; Davis, Y.    Republicans — Aderholt, N; Bachus, Y; Bonner, Y; Everett, Y; Rogers, …

No Adjournment This Week

10:33 pm Sep. 29, 2008

Democratic leaders were first planning to adjourn last Friday.  Then it got moved up to yesterday for the House.  Now that target date is moving into October, as Congress tries to deal with the Wall Street bailout. In the good ole days, the Election Year target date for a Congressional …

Stunned On The House Floor

10:08 pm Sep. 29, 2008

It might be easy to say “I saw it coming,” but the honest truth is that hardly anyone outside of the GOP leadership seemed to know that the votes weren’t there for a Wall Street Bailout bill in the U.S. House on Monday, which lost by a 228 to 205 vote. …

What’s Next In Congress?

10:03 pm Sep. 29, 2008

After Monday’s surprise defeat of a $700 billion plan to bail out Wall Street, lawmakers in both parties are trying to figure out what the magic formula might be to cobble together something that can be approved by the House. Today is expected to bring more meetings on Capitol Hill, …

A Weekend Of Hard Work

8:19 pm Sep. 28, 2008

A weekend of late nights produced a compromise bill on Sunday designed to rescue Wall Street firms from their bad financial market decisions, as lawmakers in both parties won a series of concessions from the Bush Administration. While Democratic leaders want nothing more than to blowout the party of President …

Democrats On the Wall Street Bailout

7:53 pm Sep. 28, 2008

If this Wall Street bailout deal is to be approved on Monday in the U.S. House, it seems likely that Democrats will be providing crucial votes to give President Bush and his Administration the fast action they requested. While more conservative Republicans have been huffing and puffing for days about …