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Everyone Can Vote, But Not Drink

10:57 am Oct. 31, 2008

I got this the other day and thought it was sort of interesting – the states that still ban booze sales on Election Day.  So, what follows is a press release from the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. Seven States Still Force Prohibition-era Bans on Election Day Alcohol …

Measuring The Drapes

6:38 pm Oct. 30, 2008

When I saw an “Urgent” story on the Associated Press wire Thursday saying that Barack Obama had approached an Illinois Congressman to possibly be his White House Chief Of Staff, I had a little chuckle.  And I then I realized that it was probably a good thing that someone was …

A Last Stand In Ohio

6:21 pm Oct. 30, 2008

John McCain spent all of Thursday rushing around the state of Ohio, and as his schedule emerged for Friday, it seems he’s going to adopt the Buckeye State for another day.  In a sense, he’s making his last stand. Ohio has long been a bellwether state.  The last time Ohio …

A Quiet End Of The Line

11:48 am Oct. 30, 2008

Unless the White House hasn’t been sending out the schedule of Vice President Cheney of late, he has not exactly been burning up the tarmac to campaign for GOP candidates around the country. For that matter, neither has President Bush, who is fulfilling pretty much the same role that Bill …

Economy Shrinks; Candidates Battle

8:35 am Oct. 30, 2008

On a very busy day in this Presidential race, both campaigns battled over a new report from the feds today that showed the US economy shrank in the third quarter of this year, a signal that a recession may already be here. The report found that GDP in the US …

Cramming For Finals

9:13 pm Oct. 29, 2008

Most of my work this week is behind the scenes stuff, as I try to jam as much information into the ole brain for Election Night coverage of the 2008 campaign.  And as I crunch the numbers in Congress, it could be an ugly night for the GOP. Just as the …

$4 Million Well Spent?

8:30 pm Oct. 29, 2008

The half hour Obama advertisement last night was about what I expected.  If anything, Obama can step right into a career on a show like 20/20 or something, as he sounded like a voice over professional. I guess the first question I had while watching it was, where was that …

As The Polls Turn

3:25 pm Oct. 29, 2008

In this installment of “As The Polls Turn,” we again look back at earlier this year to see if we can figure out whether the current group of Presidential polls are nothing more than a bunch of numbers gathered by watching little kids throw darts at a dart board. A …

Trying To Map The House and Senate

8:22 pm Oct. 28, 2008

It is hard enough to try to predict which Presidential candidate will win which states, let alone which Democrats and Republicans will win the 435 House seats and 35 Senate seats up for grabs in 2008. So let’s give it a shot, shall we? There are a variety of people …

So Which Poll Do You Believe?

8:02 pm Oct. 28, 2008

With time ticking away until Election Day, I thought it was time to go a bit more in depth on polling this year, to give all of us an idea of what we should believe and what we should be skeptical about when it comes to polling. Let’s start with …