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Text of the Senate Stimulus Bill

7:41 pm Jan. 29, 2009

Here is the text of S. 336, the Senate economic stimulus bill, the companion to H.R. 1, the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” which was approved by the House. I haven’t had time to go through this and really see what the differences are with the House bill, so there …

Change Is Here Already

1:16 pm Jan. 29, 2009

Even as the Senate preps for a debate next week on an economic stimulus bill, it’s already obvious that “change” has come to Washington, D.C., ten days after Barack Obama was sworn in as President. Yesterday, Obama signed into law his first bill, a measure on pay equity for women. …

Making Your Voices Heard

1:00 pm Jan. 29, 2009

We have witnessed in recent years how a groundswell of public opinion can change the course of legislation, as voters call and write their lawmakers to demand action. So far, I haven’t seen major evidence that this is occurring on the stimulus bill, but there is still time for it …

GOP Looks For Stimulus Traction

12:29 pm Jan. 29, 2009

After watching Democrats steamroll to victory in the House the day before on a massive economic stimulus bill, Senate Republicans are trying to figure how best to grapple with Democrats on this bill. “The bill produced by the Democratic Congress falls short on a number of important fronts,” said Senate …

Not A Stimulating Debate

9:53 pm Jan. 28, 2009

About the only thing we didn’t know going into the vote on Wednesday in the House on the Democratic economic stimulus bill was how many Republicans would vote for it. As I prowled the halls a few hours before the vote, it was pretty quiet.  That’s always a signal that …

No Mail Delivery On Saturdays?

9:41 pm Jan. 28, 2009

While I was knee deep in coverage on Wednesday of the economic stimulus bill in the House, I suddenly saw an “Urgent” cross the Associated Press wire about the Postal Service raising the idea of delivering mail only five days a week. I quickly flipped the TV channel to find …

Playing Politics or Standing On Principle

9:25 pm Jan. 28, 2009

I can write the story two different ways about how Republicans in the House all voted against President Obama’s over $800 billion economic stimulus bill.  On one hand, they are principled warriors in the fight against big government and those pesky Democrats.  They are standing for what they believe in. …

White House Reaction to Stimulus Vote

5:41 pm Jan. 28, 2009

Here is a statement from the White House on the approval in the U.S. House of the over $800 billion economic stimulus bill designed by Democrats: THE WHITE HOUSE   Office of the Press Secretary _________________________________________________________________ For Immediate Release                         January 28, 2009   STATEMENT OF THE PRESIDENT ON THE HOUSE …

The U.S. House Stimulus Debate

9:25 pm Jan. 27, 2009

The House Rules Committee has decided the parameters of the debate Wednesday on the $825 billion economic stimulus bill, and there’s been a few changes along the way. Along with striking the language on family planning (contraceptives) from the bill, Democrats have also taken out $200 million in money for …