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Legislative Production

6:05 pm Mar. 31, 2009

One thing I have always said about my more than two decades of covering the Congress is that I enjoy my job the most when things get done. I don’t care which party is in charge or not in charge.  Covering debates where legislation is actually being approved – instead …

More Tax Mistakes

5:49 pm Mar. 31, 2009

Yet another high profile nominee of President Obama has been forced to amend tax returns and pay back taxes to Uncle Sam. The latest is Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who is Obama’s nominee for Health and Human Services Secretary. She amended her returns – after they were reviewed by a hired accountant – …

Watchdogging the Bailout

4:59 pm Mar. 31, 2009

Senators heard from three different watchdogs who are trying to keep tabs on the status of the Wall Street Bailout money on Tuesday.  Their stories made you wonder. It’s not that they aren’t up to the job – they certainly seemed ready to ferret out waste, fraud and abuse if …

Declaration of War

3:18 pm Mar. 31, 2009

As the House and Senate work on next year’s budget outline, the partisan growling is getting louder over the use of the “reconciliation” process for items like health care reform. Reconciliation is a special expedited process for budget and tax issues, where no filibusters are allowed in the Senate.  And …

One More Chance

3:43 pm Mar. 30, 2009

I was going to title this blog, “One Last Chance,” but then I decided that even if General Motors and Chrysler don’t give the feds a plan that passes muster, the two companies might still have a few of their nine lives left. But Monday’s announcement by President Obama sure …

Obama on GM & Chrysler

10:15 am Mar. 30, 2009

Here is the text of President Obama’s announcement today on future aid for US automakers. Remarks of President Barack Obama–As prepared for deliveryAnnouncement on the Auto IndustryMarch 30, 2009Washington, DC One of the challenges we have confronted from the beginning of this administration is what to do about the state …

GM Viability

9:52 am Mar. 30, 2009

Here is part of the Obama Administration’s review of the future viability of General Motors released today by the White House. General Motors is in the early stages of an operational turnaround in which the Company has made material progress in a number of areas, including purchasing, product design, manufacturing, …

Chrysler Viability

9:49 am Mar. 30, 2009

Here is the summary from a White House document released today on the future viability of Chrysler.  It basically says the company’s restructuring plan fell short of expectations. The Plan that was submitted by Chrysler on February 17, 2009 reflects some progress that has been made under current management but …

Off To Europe

9:17 am Mar. 30, 2009

As President Barack Obama leaves for his first oveseas trip since taking office, you can rest assured his travels will dominate the news in coming days. First stop for Obama and his much talked about entourage will be London, for an economic meeting of the G-20 nations. What do you …

NY Special Election

9:12 am Mar. 30, 2009

Today brings the first in what is truly a Washington, D.C. sport during the Obama Administration, that being a special election in the Congress, that has both parties working hard. The seat in play is in upstate New York, a more conservative district that went to the Democrats in 2006. …