Searching For Momentum

Pleased with the success of the Cap and Trade bill in the House last Friday, President Obama on Monday kept up his calls for action in the Senate on the sweeping measure dealing with global warming.

“I am confident that they too, will choose to move this country forward,” Obama said of the Senate, while speaking at the White House.

“We are absolutely confident that we are going to be able to make more progress in the weeks and months come.”

Speaking of time frames on climate change legislation, I would not expect the full Senate to tackle this issue before the Fall.

A key Senate committee has set the week of July 27 to start public drafting of a bill – and like the difficult in getting agreement on health care reform – this won’t be a one day meeting to rap the gavel and be done with the bill.

Still, the White House is sitting better than many had figured a few weeks ago, when the chances of approving Cap and Trade seemed remote at best in the House.

One sidelight to Obama’s remarks on Monday was that he spoke about energy issues while unveiling new plans to improve light bulb efficiency, as a way to save billions in energy costs.

Mr. Obama admitted with a smile that, “light bulbs might not seem sexy,” but lighting chews up 7% of America’s energy costs, the President noted.

It was another event where the President talked of new plans by his Administration, but officials were short on details of what was being done and how “$4 billion” in savings would be achieved by 2022.

Just another part of the global warming battle that certainly could hit the Senate floor as early as September.


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