The PGA Congress

If you want any chance of finding a group of lawmakers from Congress in Washington, D.C. today, then I know exactly the place to be, and it isn’t on Capitol Hill. 

That place would be Congressional Country Club, just outside the Beltway in Bethesda, Maryland, as Tiger Woods hosts the AT&T National, this week’s stop on the PGA Tour.

One of those playing with Tiger Woods in the Pro-Am today will be House GOP Leader John Boehner, who like me, might play golf every day if he could.

Tiger’s group will evidently include Boehner and Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo, as they tee off at 6:30 am EDT.

While it is a Congressional recess, don’t be surprised if other lawmakers accidentally find their way back to Washington so they can rub elbows with PGA vets and other sports figures.

Several years ago in 2005, votes in the Congress had to be put on hold one Wednesday because there were so many members out at Congressional for a PGA Pro-Am event.  This time Congress is out of session, so there won’t be any conflicts.

Back when Congressional C.C. used to host the PGA’s Kemper Open in the 1980s, it was easy to find Speaker Tip O’Neill and other lawmakers getting in their 18 holes, as golf is definitely a bipartisan activity around these parts.

O’Neill though was more of a weekend duffer than Boehner, who reportedly sports a seven handicap.

I ran into the GOP leader on a street corner just before the Memorial Day break for Congress and asked him if he was playing golf in coming days.

After taking his trademark drag on a cigarette, Boehner said with a big smile, “Oh yeah.”

I will guarantee you that a lot of lawmakers and Congressional staff will be angling for invites to the Blue Course at Congressional in two year’s time, when the club hosts the U.S. Open in 2011.