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On The Road Again

10:13 pm Mar. 31, 2010

It’s back on the road for President Obama today on health care reform, as he goes to Portland, Maine for a speech on the controversial new law.  Thousands stood in the rain Wednesday to get tickets to hear his remarks. A week ago, Mr. Obama zipped out to Iowa City, …

New Fuel Standards

10:12 pm Mar. 31, 2010

A day after President Obama urged Congress to expand offshore oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Southeast Atlantic Coast, the Obama Administration will roll out updated fuel economy standards for new cars and trucks. It was last May that the President announced plans for …

My Time Capsule

10:11 pm Mar. 31, 2010

It was an interesting past week for me in the U.S. Capitol, as I’ve been cleaning out my U.S. House broadcast booth and unearthing some old political memories from my time covering the Congress. The reason for the Spring Cleaning is that our press gallery space for Radio/TV reporters in …

Obama on Energy Security

11:12 am Mar. 31, 2010

Here are the remarks of President Obama as given out to reporters on his speech today on energy security and his decision to expand offshore oil and gas exploration. Remarks of President Barack ObamaStatement on Energy Security Wednesday, March 31, 2010Andrews Air Force Base, MarylandAs Prepared for Delivery–Thank you, Secretary …

Energy Deal Push

9:36 pm Mar. 30, 2010

Despite reservations within his own party, President Obama is pushing ahead with energy security plans that seem likely to again aggravate members of his own party, this time on the issue of offshore oil and gas exploration. Today, the President gives a speech on energy issues, focusing on expanded offshore …

Next Health Flashpoint

9:04 pm Mar. 30, 2010

With both health reform bills in Congress now law, the focus turns in Congress to the public relations battle between Democrats and their critics, as each side tries to get the upper hand in the next phase of this health debate. Mention the name of Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) the …

Wall Street Reform Push

9:03 pm Mar. 30, 2010

After a busy first quarter of the year, the Congress is out for the next two weeks on an Easter Break.  What’s next for lawmakers is a legislative focus that may likely shift – especially in the Senate – to a major financial reform plan for Wall Street. Sen. Chris …

The Ethics Deal

7:38 pm Mar. 29, 2010

There was an interesting turn of events on the ethics front in Congress on Monday, as former Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA) was publicly rapped by an outside ethics board setup in 2008 to review lawmaker conduct. Usually, once a member of Congress leaves Capitol Hill, any ethics matters disappear as …

Jobless Benefits Battle

7:37 pm Mar. 29, 2010

We will probably hear a lot over the next two weeks about the lapse of extended jobless and COBRA health benefits for some unemployed Americans, but there are a number of other items that are running out of time as well in this legislative dispute. One part of this bill …

Health Law Part 2

7:36 pm Mar. 29, 2010

President Obama today signs into law the second bill approved by Congress, which finalizes the taxes to be used to pay for the new health reform law, and puts the final touches on a big Democratic political victory. This bill also includes student loan reform sought by Democrats, one reason …