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Police allege Fairborn student named classmates he wanted to kill
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2010 Kentucky Derby

11:03 pm Apr. 29, 2010

Enough with health care, Wall Street reforms, immigration and all of that political stuff.  The first Saturday in May is almost here, and that means Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby. I became a horse racing fan thanks to my father, spending Saturday afternoons at Laurel Race Course in Maryland, …

A Different Response

8:47 pm Apr. 29, 2010

Let’s just imagine that this oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico had happened five years ago.  We would have had Democratic lawmakers screaming from the rafters in the Capitol.  But in 2010, it’s not happening, because they are boxed in by their own President’s agenda. When Bill Clinton and …

Immigration Reform Outline

8:47 pm Apr. 29, 2010

As the first lawsuits were filed against a tough, new immigration law in Arizona, Democrats in the Senate unveiled an outline of immigration legislation that they plan to push in coming months to both tighten the border and provide a route to citizenship for millions of illegals here already. “I …

Obama Meets The Press

10:41 pm Apr. 28, 2010

On Wednesday, Neal Boortz and I discussed some of the bad feelings between the news media and the White House.  Maybe President Obama heard some echoes of that. As he returned to Washington on Wednesday evening from a two-day trip to the Midwest, the President went back to where the …

Filibuster Goes Quietly

9:25 pm Apr. 28, 2010

After standing together for three cloture votes over three days, Republicans quietly gave up their filibuster of a Wall Street Reform bill on Wednesday evening, allowing debate to begin on the bill this morning. Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell tried to put the best dressing on the decision as he …

Oil Spill Politics

9:23 pm Apr. 28, 2010

A few weeks ago, the idea of expanded domestic offshore oil and gas exploration seemed like a slam dunk in the Congress.  Yes, there were opponents, but they were a minority.  But a Gulf of Mexico oil spill has changed that. At a hearing yesterday in the House Energy & …

Puerto Rico Vote

9:22 pm Apr. 28, 2010

The U.S. House votes today on a bill that would let the citizens of Puerto Rico determine their future relationship with the United States, with one option possibly being that the island could become the 51st State.  But it will take more than one vote. The bill is H.R. 2499, …

Goldman Up One

10:21 pm Apr. 27, 2010

It wasn’t a fun day at the witness table for executives of Goldman Sachs, but when the lights finally went out just before 9pm EDT on Tuesday, there was definitely one metric running in favor of the Wall Street Investment Bank – it’s stock price. Goldman stock ended the day …

Message To FEMA

10:21 pm Apr. 27, 2010

If the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency had any doubts about where lawmakers in Congress stand on grant programs run through FEMA, he certainly knows he touched the political third rail by trying to mess with a pork pipeline to the folks back home. From the time the …

The Confident Fourteen

10:19 pm Apr. 27, 2010

The House on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly to deny a regular cost-of-living pay raise to members of Congress in Fiscal Year 2011, which would mark the third straight year that lawmakers left their pay at $174,000 per year. The vote was 402-15 in the House, with all 15 votes against the …