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Ohio flu hospitalizations continue to climb
Jamie Dupree’s Washington Insider

Oil Spill Politics

8:56 pm May. 31, 2010

With the failure of the “Top Kill” procedure in recent days, British Petroleum is now ready to try other ways to fix the broken oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.  And President Obama is looking for other ways to deal with it as well. Today the President will meet …

June 1 Primaries

8:54 pm May. 31, 2010

We have three states to keep us focused on Election 2010 and the Congress, as voters go to the polls today in Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico.  Will we have any incumbents dumped by the side of the road? First, a quick review for those keeping score at home.  So …

White House Pool v Farrakhan

8:53 pm May. 31, 2010

President Obama’s trip back to his home in Chicago for a long weekend meant that reporters went along to keep tabs on POTUS – President Of The United States – and that didn’t sit too well with one local resident. The Obamas went to a neighbor’s house for a backyard …

Memorial Day 2010

8:42 pm May. 30, 2010

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write about for Memorial Day this year, when a message popped up on my blackberry last week.  The answer was right in front of me. “The Department of Defense announced today the death of a Marine who was supporting Operation …

The Deficit Rebellion

11:42 pm May. 27, 2010

Democratic leaders probably didn’t think they were going to be in a jam on extending jobless benefits this week, but a mini rebellion over the deficit in their party may mean some will lose their benefits beginning next week. Twice already this year, Democrats in Congress rolled the dice and …

More Deficit Murmurs

11:42 pm May. 27, 2010

When Thursday started, it looked like it was going to be a big day for Democrats, as they would be able to check the boxes on some big legislation, giving themselves a big sendoff before a week-long break.  Then reality on the budget deficit set in. Democrats in the House …

The Sestak Story

11:41 pm May. 27, 2010

For all those people who have emailed this week complaining about the lack of coverage on the Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) story, I’m sorry you can’t see the scene in the halls of Congress as reporters chase the Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman around. Up in the Press Gallery, most of my …

A Big Push

11:28 pm May. 26, 2010

It’s a classic kind of Thursday in the Congress, as Democrats try to force action on a series of major bills before lawmakers make a run to the airport on Friday for a week-long Memorial Day break. If you are a scheduler for a member of the House or Senate, …

Don’t Ask, And More

11:20 pm May. 26, 2010

As the House gets ready to debate a Pentagon policy bill, the big focus in the news media will certainly be a provision that ends the ban on gays and lesbians serving in the military, an issue that is dividing lawmakers and the military. The deal, drafted partly by Rep. …

Presidential News Conference?

11:18 pm May. 26, 2010

When is a news conference not a news conference?  Maybe we’ll see today at the White House.  President Obama will speak about the Gulf oil spill and then take some questions, but it’s not being called a press conference. “THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks and takes questions from the press” reads …