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Police allege Fairborn student named classmates he wanted to kill
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An Ugly Thursday

10:12 pm Jul. 29, 2010

We got a preview of the November election campaign on Thursday in the Congress, and it wasn’t pretty, as lawmakers in both parties in the House and Senate ripped into each other with unusual ferocity. “It’s a disgrace,” said Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME), who delivered an especially bitter floor speech …

Rangel Alleged Violations

7:50 pm Jul. 29, 2010

The House Ethics Committee has unveiled the 13 counts of alleged ethics violations by Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY).  Read through the official document and tell me what you think. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 111TH CONGRESS 2d Session COMMITTEE ON STANDARDS OF OFFICIAL CONDUCT INVESTIGATIVE SUBCOMMITTEE IN THE MATTER OF REPRESENTATIVE CHARLES …

House Energy Bill

12:58 pm Jul. 29, 2010

As lawmakers in the U.S. House get ready to leave town for a break that will take them into mid-September, Democrats hope to approve an energy bill drawn up in the wake of the BP oil spill. The 238 page plan though deals with much more than that, as I …

First Budget Bill

5:59 pm Jul. 28, 2010

As the U.S. House began work on appropriation bills for the next year, the two political parties were even more at odds over how best to deal with the details of the federal budget. The first spending bill brought to the floor was a $77 billion measure on veterans and …

Energy Fine Print

5:57 pm Jul. 28, 2010

As Democrats in the House and Senate rolled out new bills that respond to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, there were some interesting details for those who wanted to read the legislative language. Some of the best stuff was located deep into the House bill that seems likely to …

Ethics vs Rangel

5:57 pm Jul. 28, 2010

Today is expected to be the day that the findings of the House Ethics Committee are revealed about the conduct of Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY), an action that could bring new calls for his resignation. The release of what’s known as the “Statement of Alleged Violations” comes as a special …

Afghan War Funding

6:38 pm Jul. 27, 2010

The House last night approved an extra $33 billion in funding for the War in Afghanistan, overcoming strong opposition among Democrats, over 100 of whom voted against the bill. The outcome had been in doubt all day, as Democratic leaders rolled the dice, and decided to move the bill through …

Still Trying On Energy

5:41 pm Jul. 27, 2010

After having to deep-six a bill that deal with climate change/Cap and Trade in the Senate, Democrats are again trying to figure out ways to figure out how to keep that effort alive. “I intend to keep pushing for broader reform, including climate legislation, because if we’ve learned anything from …

Military Construction Projects

4:46 pm Jul. 27, 2010

The appropriations process finally gets going today in the U.S. House, as lawmakers consider a $77 billion measure on Military Construction and Veterans spending. The bill contains over 500 specific military construction plans for facilities in the United States and around the world.  Most of them are backed by “The …

Primary Tuesday

3:47 pm Jul. 26, 2010

This July 27, 2010 will bring us one primary this week, as voters in Oklahoma go to the polls.  Like many of these primaries this year, it’s another opportunity for change in the halls of Congress. Oklahoma only has five seats in the House to talk about – one of …