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Ohio flu hospitalizations continue to climb
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Health Law Unconstitutional

9:18 pm Jan. 31, 2011

It wasn’t a surprise that Federal Judge Roger Vinson found the individual mandate in the Obama health care law to be unconstitutional, but it was a surprise that he declared the whole law void. It is sort of stark to see the word “unconstitutional” written there. In his opinion, the …

Health Law Ruling

5:30 pm Jan. 31, 2011

For the second time in recent months, a federal judge found one part of the Obama health reform unconstitutional, but this time went a step further, striking down the entire law. In his 78 page decision, Judge Roger Vinson said the Congress had exceeded its authority in approving the ‘individual …

Where Your Money Goes

2:00 pm Jan. 31, 2011

It would be nice if the federal government handed out more accessible information about grants doled out by Uncle Sam, then I wouldn’t have to go to the FEMA web site repeatedly.But most of the time, it is almost impossible to get a centralized listing of where money is sent …

Many Budget Questions

1:00 pm Jan. 30, 2011

Two weeks from today, President Obama will send Congress his budget for Fiscal Year 2012.  The unanswered question is how much that spending plan will offer in terms of real budget cutbacks and changes. While the President again mentioned the need for deficit reduction in his State of the Union …

Health Law Machinations

12:58 pm Jan. 30, 2011

Last week, President Obama said he was open to the idea of some changes to the health reform law.  Republicans say they’re ready to see whether it was just a bunch of political talk. As early as this week, parliamentary wrangling could start in the Senate on GOP efforts to …

Senate Rules Fight

8:39 pm Jan. 27, 2011

As expected, the Senate this week refused to make any significant changes in the rules on the filibuster, but Senators did agree to clamp down on what are known as “secret holds.” The move caps years of effort by Senators in both parties to crack down on the practice of …

Extra Health Waivers

8:21 pm Jan. 27, 2011

For weeks, I have been dutifully checking the Obana Administration web site that listed the waivers granted to one provision of the new health reform law.  But then I didn’t check the day after the State of the Union Address. And so, I missed the addition of over 500 new …

Health Reform Rumbles

8:35 pm Jan. 26, 2011

Republicans in the Congress began their real effort to attack the Obama health reform law, using a pair of hearings to launch a variety of attacks, as the GOP was presented with a golden piece of information from one witness. That piece of info came from the Chief Actuary of …

A Muted Response

2:16 am Jan. 26, 2011

One thing that is not appealing in a State of the Union Address is the routine of lawmakers jumping out of their seats repeatedly for standing ovations.  That sort of went away this year. Many people scoffed at the idea of lawmakers moving around and not sitting just on the …

White House Talking Points

9:01 pm Jan. 25, 2011

Just before President Obama began his State of the Union Address to Congress, the White House released a fact sheet on his “Plan to Win the Future.” -THE WHITE HOUSEOffice of the Press Secretary____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJanuary 25, 2011 The State of the Union:President Obama’s Plan to Win the Future   In his …