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Health Law Legal

8:59 pm Feb. 28, 2011

The feds have filed a legal brief with a federal judge in Florida that some believe might end up leading to a decision that blocks the feds from implementing the entire Obama health law. Judge Roger Vinson in January found the individual mandate, which forces people to buy health insurance, …

Obama & The Governors

12:52 pm Feb. 28, 2011

President Obama waded into the ongoing dispute over union rights for government workers today, as he lectured Governors on how best to squeeze additional savings out of state budgets. In a White House speech to most of the nation’s Governors, the President acknowledged that public employees need to share in …

Governors In DC

12:55 am Feb. 28, 2011

After a dinner at the White House on Sunday, most of the nation’s Governors are back at the White House again on this Monday for a meeting with President Obama. The usual type of issues that surface at these meetings could well do so again today, as Governors in both …

Back From The Brink

9:14 pm Feb. 26, 2011

It looks like this might not be a Shutdown Showdown week, as a two-week GOP stop-gap budget unveiled last Friday may stave off legislative brinksmanship on the budget in Congress. At least for now.The Republican plan had no poison pills in it, no cuts that were unacceptable to Democrats, as …

Seeds of a Deal

1:19 am Feb. 25, 2011

With the Countdown To Shutdown Clock now at seven days, there could be some reason for optimism today in Congress, as both parties get ready to unveil plans to avoid a government shutdown. It’s expected that Republicans in the House today will unveil a plan to extend the current temporary …

Military Gravy Train

1:08 am Feb. 25, 2011

I could only chuckle as I watched the press releases and messages on Twitter roll in Thursday evening as the Pentagon announced its choice for a new Air Force refueling tanker plane. The news to me wasn’t so much who won the tanker competition, but a reminder of how widely …

Shutdown Shadowboxing

1:10 am Feb. 24, 2011

While some tough words are being traded between Democrats and Republicans over the current budget showdown, the real battle won’t be joined until lawmakers return to work next week. And then, all bets are off. The White House tip toed into the dispute yesterday, trying to both be seen as …

NASA On Defense

1:09 am Feb. 24, 2011

After President Obama unveiled his budget in 2010, I wrote a blog about how the U.S. space program had been taking its lumps in the Congress. A year later the story is much the same. As the Shuttle Discovery is on the launch pad today at Kennedy Space Center, the …

Government Shutdown Chicken

1:22 am Feb. 23, 2011

That didn’t take long. On the first business day since House Republicans approved $61 billion in cuts, Senate Democrats made clear they wanted no part of those Republican budget reductions. “Speaker Boehner should stop drawing lines in the sand, and come to the table to find a responsible path forward …

Budget Fear Factor

1:03 am Feb. 23, 2011

The union for workers at the National Weather Service has been in high gear in the press in recent days, denouncing proposed budget cuts from House Republicans, claiming they could result in “significant loss” of lives.”The worst case scenario is that major population centers will not get warnings of severe …