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The Senate Gets Ugly

9:35 pm Jun. 30, 2011

As Senators left town on Thursday for the July 4th weekend, they left behind a Senate crippled by partisan battling over the budget and debt limit, with the days ticking away towards an August 2 deadline to avoid a financial default by the U.S. Government. The atmosphere wasn’t positive to …

Senate Scraps July 4th Vacation

10:18 am Jun. 30, 2011

The worst nightmare of Senate staffers came true this morning, as Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) announced that the Senate would not leave today on a 10 day break, and would be in session next week to try to advance a deal on the budget and debt limit. “We’ll do that, …

Health Law Reminder

1:22 am Jun. 30, 2011

The decision of a three judge panel of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Wednesday in favor of the Obama health reform law was yet another reminder of something important for all of us – don’t try to predict how federal judges will vote on a certain case. Two of …

Obama-Debt Limit Deal

2:08 pm Jun. 29, 2011

President Obama told Congress to scrap its upcoming vacations if necessary and put aside their partisan beliefs in order to come up with a deal on the budget and debt limit by a deadline of August 2. “August 2nd is a very important date,” the President said at a White …

Health Law Ruling

1:08 pm Jun. 29, 2011

In a victory for the Obama Administration, a three judge panel of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the constitutionality of the Obama health reform law. This ruling – which was on a separate case from challenges in the 4th Circuit (Virginia) and the 11th Circuit (Florida and …

Debt Limit Limbo

1:01 am Jun. 29, 2011

There is a certain rhythm to the way things get done on Capitol Hill – and to the way things don’t get done. And right now in the halls of Congress, there is almost no momentum when it comes to a deal on the budget and debt limit. Since last …

Obama News Conference

8:13 pm Jun. 28, 2011

President Obama will hold a news conference on Wednesday morning at 11:30am EDT, giving reporters the chance to ask about talks on the budget and debt limit, the NATO mission against Libya, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and more. This is the first solo news conference for Mr. Obama …

The Budget Talks

1:01 am Jun. 28, 2011

There weren’t outward signs of progress on Monday as President Obama met with Senate leaders of both parties in separate meetings, as the White House stiffened its call for tax revenues to be part of any deal on the budget and debt limit. “To get a significant deal, to get …

Setting The 2012 Dates

9:06 pm Jun. 27, 2011

It’s Tuesday, which always make me think about Election Day. But if you ask me right now when the Republican hopefuls for the White House will actually start vying for votes, the answer is still unclear. The big flies in the calendar ointment right now are the same states that …

Supreme Court Finish

1:01 am Jun. 27, 2011

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to wrap up its term this week with rulings on seven different cases, highlighted by a First Amendment test on whether states can prevent certain violent video games from being sold to minors. Unlike the last few years, the end of the Court’s term …