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Police allege Fairborn student named classmates he wanted to kill
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Spotlight on Herman Cain

10:22 pm Oct. 31, 2011

It was a long Monday for Herman Cain, as he sternly denied old allegations of sexual harassment from his time as head of the National Restaurant Association, though he offered some slightly different answers as the day wore on. But even with all of the attention and the high stakes …

Another Solyndra?

10:21 pm Oct. 31, 2011

Republicans may have more ammunition in their argument that taxpayer money has been wasted by the Obama Administration as a second company that received money from the Energy Department went bankrupt in recent days. While the $43 million loan for Beacon Power is nowhere near the over $530 million loan …

Cain Denies Wrongdoing

2:53 pm Oct. 31, 2011

In a speech at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain denied that he had sexually harassed women who worked with him at the National Restaurant Association in the 1990’s, labeling stories about the matter a “witch hunt.” “I have never sexually harassed anyone,” Cain …

Latest “We Can’t Wait”

1:18 pm Oct. 31, 2011

The Obama Administration has rolled out the latest installment in the “We Can’t Wait” agenda, as the White House today announced plans to reduce certain shortages of prescription drugs – this time by Executive Order. The plan basically requires drug manufacturers to make sure they provide timely notice of any …

Herman Cain On Defense

12:33 am Oct. 31, 2011

The campaign trail focuses today on Washington, D.C. for Republican candidate Herman Cain, as he speaks on his 9-9-9 plan to a conservative think tank and then takes questions in a gathering at the National Press Club even as his campaign is denying a report that Cain had been accused …

Senate Tangles on Infrastructure

12:28 am Oct. 31, 2011

As Senators return to work this week, they will resume the partisan battles over President Obama’s jobs bill, as Democrats press for action on a $60 billion plan to spur new road and bridge construction. “Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress aren’t paying attention,” said the President in his Saturday radio address. …

Super Committee Kabuki

1:01 am Oct. 28, 2011

With less than four weeks until the special House-Senate deficit “Super Committee” must produce some kind of budget deficit deal, the countdown clock has truly started on Capitol Hill, as both sides spent the last two days starting their political maneuvers. Democrats went first, leaking out their own $3 trillion …

2012 House Schedule

10:27 am Oct. 27, 2011

This has been a different type of year in the Congress, as Republicans in the House set out a new schedule that has them working less than in past years – and 2012 will be no different. The schedule for U.S. House sessions was announced today by House Majority Whip …

An Unsettled GOP Race

1:27 am Oct. 27, 2011

In recent days, I have been looking at polls about the Republican race for the White House through a slightly different lens, trying to focus on those who are undecided and those who might still change their minds. Think about it – the volatility of this GOP race has been …

Obama Health Law at Supreme Court

4:41 pm Oct. 26, 2011

The U.S. Supreme Court took another small step on the road to officially taking on the legal challenges to the Obama health reform law, as the matter has been added to a November 10 private conference of the Justices. Those gatherings are used to determine what petitions the High Court …