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Tidbits from the GOP Convention IV

2:13 pm Aug. 31, 2012

Another political convention is over and now it is time to head to the Democratic convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. But we should first give you a final behind the scenes review of the end of the RNC gathering in Tampa. What is always interesting is that even before the …

Text of Mitt Romney’s GOP convention speech

7:00 am Aug. 31, 2012

Here is the text of Republican Mitt Romney’s speech to the GOP convention in Tampa, as he accepted his party’s nomination for President on Thursday night. This transcript was provided by the Romney campaign: Mr. Chairman, delegates. I accept your nomination for President of the United States of America. I …

Romney urges voters to “turn the page” on Obama

6:40 am Aug. 31, 2012

Wrapping up the Republican National Convention in Tampa on Thursday night, Mitt Romney urged voters to back him for President in November, saying the “time has come to turn the page” on President Obama.    Romney focused much of his acceptance speech for the GOP nomination on economic matters, attempting …

Ryan accepts VP bid, skewers Democrats

12:19 am Aug. 30, 2012

From Tampa, Florida –  To the resounding cheers of Republican delegates gathered in Tampa, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) thrilled GOP delegates as he accepted his party’s nomination, urging Americans to again vote for change in the White House to help improve the nation’s economic fortunes. “Why would the next four …

Paul Ryan’s speech to GOP convention

10:31 pm Aug. 29, 2012

From Tampa, Florida –  Here are the prepared remarks for GOP Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, as provided to reporters by the Mitt Romney campaign: Mr. Chairman, delegates, and fellow citizens: I am honored by the support of this convention for vice president of the United States. I accept the …

Republicans try to stir some Romney momentum

6:45 am Aug. 29, 2012

From Tampa, Florida –  Starting with the Tuesday speeches of Ann Romney and Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, Republicans are now heading into a final two days of convention work that will highlight the two names on their ticket – Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. And no matter what …

Tidbits from the GOP Convention III

12:18 am Aug. 29, 2012

From Tampa, Florida –  There was much more of a buzz around the Republican convention on Tuesday, as GOP delegates truly got their gathering underway, nominating the ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and taking in big speeches from Ann Romney and Gov. Chris Christie. Meanwhile, it was another …

GOP cracks down on early primary states

6:24 am Aug. 28, 2012

From Tampa, Florida –  After watching Florida and other states go early in the primary and caucus process the last two elections, Republicans at their convention today will vote on a rule change to strengthen the punishment for states that move their party contests before March. “We kind of have …

Tidbits from the GOP Convention II

10:26 pm Aug. 27, 2012

From Tampa, Florida –  If there is one thing that is a common theme in the dozen major party political conventions I have covered over the years, it is that things change as easily as the breeze rustles the curtains over your bedroom windows. Except sometimes there doesn’t seem to …

Georgia GOP keeps the doors closed

11:34 pm Aug. 26, 2012

From Tampa, Florida –  National Republicans are touting their “Convention Without Walls” program as a way for people who aren’t in Tampa to get involved in the GOP convention via the internet. But if those people are interested in Republican activities from Georgia, there won’t be much publicity at all. …