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Ohio flu hospitalizations continue to climb
Jamie Dupree’s Washington Insider

A focus on the first debate

11:09 pm Sep. 30, 2012

The details of the race for the White House will spiral around the first presidential debate this week in Denver, which will focus on domestic issues. Both President Obama and Mitt Romney already out west getting ready for the debate; Mr. Obama held a rally in Las Vegas on Sunday …

US Supreme Court starts a new term

10:59 pm Sep. 30, 2012

Just over three months after a huge decision to uphold most of President Obama’s controversial health reform law, the U.S. Supreme Court convenes for its new term with a major decisions expected on affirmative action and other possible cases involving gay marriage and voting rights. Next week, the Court will …

Heading to the first debate

6:27 am Sep. 28, 2012

President Obama and Mitt Romney are starting to focus even more on next week’s first Presidential debate next Wednesday in Denver, as Romney holds a fundraiser and  rally in Pennsylvania, while the President will jet out to Nevada on Sunday and then take a few days to prep for that debate. …

Obama, Romney duel in Ohio

11:04 pm Sep. 26, 2012

From Dayton, Ohio –   Shadowing each other across one of the most important states in any election for the White House, Mitt Romney and President Obama made their case to voters in the Buckeye State on Wednesday, making the case that their party was best positioned to turn around …

Election Day is already here

9:02 pm Sep. 26, 2012

From Dayton, Ohio – As President Obama and Mitt Romney campaigned across this key state on Wednesday, it became very clear how much elections have changed in recent years.  We don’t have to wait six weeks for the elections.  Election Day is already here. “You can start voting in six …

Ohio takes election center stage

9:23 pm Sep. 25, 2012

A week ago, President Obama and Mitt Romney both stumped for votes on the same day in Florida, and Wednesday that type of battle occurs again in Ohio, another swing state that has shown polls trending more towards Democrats in the last few weeks. Of the last 15 polls in …

Election smack on the House floor

5:18 pm Sep. 25, 2012

While the Congress is done with legislative business until after the November elections, the House and Senate must still convene for pro forma sessions over the next six weeks – and Democrats took advantage of that on the House floor on Tuesday. The tactic is nothing new from either party, …

Foreign policy focus in presidential race

10:23 pm Sep. 24, 2012

While Republicans might want to switch the focus of Campaign 2012 back to domestic and economic issues, foreign policy seems likely to dominate on Tuesday as President Obama addresses the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Mitt Romney’s campaign jabbed at the President repeatedly on Monday over foreign policy …

Looking for trends in the polls

8:38 pm Sep. 24, 2012

I said about a month ago that we should wait until the week of September 24 to look at the polls for the November elections. Now that time frame is here, you cannot ignore some of the trends in those polls, both in the race for the White House and …

Senate leaves in the dark of night

9:14 pm Sep. 23, 2012

If you missed the wrap up of the pre-election session in Congress, it was probably because you weren’t watching C-SPAN2 at 4:03 am on Saturday morning when the Senate adjourned, setting the next vote for November 13, one week after the elections. The House got out of town at lunch …