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Storm damage versus the campaign trail

11:43 pm Oct. 30, 2012

From Detroit, Michigan – It will be interesting to see if Wednesday becomes a pivotal day in the campaign for the White House as President Obama goes to New Jersey to tour damage from Hurricane Sandy and Republican Mitt Romney resumes full campaigning with three stops in Florida. The White …

Sandy doesn’t stop campaign sparring

3:04 pm Oct. 30, 2012

While both President Obama and Mitt Romney held off on campaign work in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, their campaign aides and surrogates were exercising no restraint, engaged in a bitter battle of words that raised questions on both sides about who is holding a full house and who is …

The campaigns go off the radar

9:51 pm Oct. 29, 2012

Sometimes when major news breaks out around the country that overshadows whatever we are doing on Capitol Hill, one of us will often say, “We’re off the radar,” knowing that we have little chance of breaking through the top story and getting on the air. One week before Election Day, …

Romney cancels campaign schedule due to Sandy

12:59 pm Oct. 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy has now forced both President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney off the campaign trail, as Romney’s camp announced around lunch time that he would also cancel events on Monday afternoon and Tuesday.  Earlier, the President did the same. Here is the statement from Romney spokeeperson Gail Gitcho: “Out …

President scraps Monday campaign event

7:53 am Oct. 29, 2012

After chopping off pieces of his Monday campaign schedule because of Hurricane Sandy, President Obama gave up on any campaign travel plans entirely, deciding to leave Florida and fly back to Washington, D.C. to keep tabs on the storm’s progress.   A few hours later, the White House then canceled …

Hurricane Sandy alters campaign plans

9:33 pm Oct. 28, 2012

The threat of Hurricane Sandy has introduced a new element into the race for the White House with just over a week left until Election Day, as both President Obama and Mitt Romney have had to shake up their schedule over concerns about the weather. Romney scrapped a full day …

Romney makes case in Iowa speech

1:31 pm Oct. 26, 2012

As both parties shift into their final arguments in the race for the White House, Mitt Romney used a speech in Iowa today to lay out the Republican case for change in this year’s elections, arguing that the GOP is ready to make the big decisions and changes, while accusing …

Obama, Romney shun stops in Wisconsin

10:33 pm Oct. 25, 2012

The countdown is on to Election Day, so let’s start going swing state by swing state on our way to November 6. Let’s begin with a state that has been under the radar – Wisconsin. It’s difficult to tell that ten Electoral Votes in Wisconsin could be pivotal on election …

Dems make their argument on early vote

12:22 pm Oct. 25, 2012

Yesterday I posted a memo from Republicans making their argument on why the early voting and absentee ballot numbers should be seen as an edge for the GOP.  Today, Democrats issued their own rebuttal for the state of Ohio, which you can see below. I will also post the original …

Why is Paul Ryan in states that don’t matter?

10:07 am Oct. 25, 2012

On Thursday morning, a top spokeswoman for the Mitt Romney campaign tweeted out news that they had raised almost $112 million in the first half of October, again showcasing the GOP ability to bring in big money to this year’s race for the White House. But if Romney has a …