President praises calls for action on gun violence

A week after the Newtown, Connecticut school shootings, the White House posted a video Friday morning of President Obama talking about the need for action on ways to reduce gun violence, as he thanked those who had used a special on-line petition to urge action on guns.

“We hear you,” the President said in his video message, as he noted “hundreds of thousands” of people had signed a petition asking for “serious steps” to respond to calls for change.

“The fact is, most gun owners in America are responsible,” said the President, who noted that some gun owners had joined the calls for different measures, as Mr. Obama ticked off a familiar refrain of proposals, like renewing an assault weapons ban, addressing the so-called gun show loophole and limits on ammunition magazines.

“As I said earlier this week, I can’t do it alone,” the President said.

Here is the video from the White House.