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Ohio flu hospitalizations continue to climb
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FAA sets end of funding for air traffic control towers

6:46 am Mar. 28, 2013

After announcing plans last week to shut down 149 air traffic control towers at smaller airports, the Federal Aviation Administration has now given the dates for when funding will run out for those contract air traffic towers. Not only does it give local communities notice on when operations will cease …

Justices take aim at Defense of Marriage Act

4:46 pm Mar. 27, 2013

Unlike the first day of arguments on gay marriage, the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday seemed to be heading in the direction of making a decision on the Defense of Marriage Act, as one could count five votes on the bench to strike down the law that defines marriage as …

Reading the tea leaves at the U.S. Supreme Court

3:23 pm Mar. 26, 2013

Just about one year ago, many of us again learned a good lesson about covering the U.S. Supreme Court, when the Justices left experts with the impression that the Court was ready to overturn the Obama health law. But, it didn’t happen. So, after the first day of arguments on …

More change in the U.S. Senate

8:57 pm Mar. 25, 2013

Another seat in the U.S. Senate will be in play in the 2014 mid-term elections, as Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) will reportedly announce on Tuesday that he is not running for re-election, presenting Republicans with a prime opportunity to pick up a seat in the Senate, and giving Democrats one …

IRS backpedals from Star Trek video

9:30 pm Mar. 24, 2013

After reports surfaced in recent days that the Internal Revenue Service had spent $60,000 to make a Star Trek parody video for use at training conferences, the IRS over the weekend apologized for how your tax dollars were spent. The IRS said in a statement that the “space parody video …

FAA to close 149 air traffic towers

3:06 pm Mar. 22, 2013

The Federal Aviation Administration has announced that it will close 149 air traffic control towers at smaller airports nationwide due to budget cutbacks associated with $85 billion in automatic budget cuts that hit the federal government on March 1. The original list of possible closures issued on February 22 was …

Senate Democrats officially unveil gun legislation

11:39 am Mar. 22, 2013

Taking the first official step to set up a full Senate debate in April on gun legislation, Democrats on Friday formally unveiled a package of gun bills, featuring a plan to require background checks “for every firearm sale,” but the bill does not include two key gun control provisions on …

Different views on Saturday mail delivery

3:30 am Mar. 22, 2013

As the Congress finally finished work on the 2013 budget for the federal government on Thursday, there were much different conclusions in the halls of Capitol Hill on what it meant for the effort by the U.S. Postal Service to end Saturday delivery of first class mail. Those who don’t …

Pentagon delays furlough notices

2:52 pm Mar. 21, 2013

Hours after the U.S. House sent President Obama a final budget for the current fiscal year, the Pentagon announced it was taking time to review how that budget might impact plans to furlough hundreds of thousands of civilian defense workers for up to 22 days between April and the end …

Senate finally ends budget stalemate

3:30 am Mar. 21, 2013

Ending almost eight days of limited debate on a bill that funds federal government operations through the end of the fiscal year, the Senate on Wednesday approved a nearly $1 trillion budget bill for Uncle Sam, even as the Congress started work on next year’s budget outline. With House approval …