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Super Bowl produced by non-profit NFL

8:36 pm Jan. 30, 2014

As millions of Americans get ready for the Super Bowl on Sunday evening, not many will be thinking about tax policy and non-profits as the players run out on the field, but the NFL officially classifies itself as a tax-free non-profit, avoiding millions in potential federal taxes each year. You …

Congress keeps using “such sums”

8:15 pm Jan. 29, 2014

In major legislation, the Congress is often very particular about how much money certain agencies and departments will get for specific programs. But then there are times when lawmakers just make it an undetermined amount. The phrase that gets used is, “such sums as may be necessary.” The compromise Farm …

5 Notes from State of the Union

12:22 am Jan. 29, 2014

Instead of focusing on what the President said or how both parties reacted to the 2014 State of the Union Address, I wanted to again pull back the curtain on some of the other happenings in the hallways of the U.S. Capitol, before, during and after the speech. 1. Getting …

President Obama’s State of the Union Address

9:04 pm Jan. 28, 2014

Here are the remarks of President Obama, as prepared for delivery by the White House. = EMBARGOED UNTIL DELIVERY January 28, 2014 Remarks of President Barack Obama – As Prepared for Delivery State of the Union Address Tuesday, January 28, 2014 Washington, D.C. As Prepared for Delivery – Mr. Speaker, …

5 things about the State of the Union

3:00 am Jan. 28, 2014

Instead of focusing on what President Obama will say on Tuesday night or how it will or won’t be received by Democrats and Republicans, maybe we should pull back the curtain just a bit on the speech itself, and some of what goes on behind the scenes at the U.S. …

White House presses Obama “executive actions”

8:05 pm Jan. 27, 2014

White House officials have made no secret in recent days that President Obama will use the State of the Union Address to say that he is ready to use “executive actions” to push forward on a variety of issues; that has spawned criticism from Republicans who argue the President might …

Rep. Trey Radel (R-FL) resigns from Congress

11:40 am Jan. 27, 2014

Just over two months after he plead guilty to charges of cocaine possession in Washington, D.C., Rep. Trey Radel (R-FL) announced his resignation from the Congress, saying he “cannot fully and effectively serve as a United States Representatives to the place I love and call home, Southwest Florida.” The move …

State of the Union drives Washington week

6:00 pm Jan. 26, 2014

As the Congress returns to work on Monday, the focus of the week will be President Obama’s State of the Union Address, a speech that he will try to use to jump start his legislative agenda and put the heat on Republicans over everything from immigration reform to the minimum …

Pentagon historian rapped for ‘unprofessional conduct’

9:14 pm Jan. 23, 2014

Most people probably have no idea that the military has a “Chief Historian” on the payroll at the Department of Defense. And until Thursday, few knew the details of what an internal report called “unprofessional conduct” in the office by current Pentagon historian Erin Mahan. The 27 page redacted report, …

GOP moving ahead with 2016 primary changes

10:00 pm Jan. 22, 2014

National Republicans meeting in Washington, D.C. this week are ready to ratify an accelerated primary and caucus selection system for 2016, a move that would give the GOP nominee an extra two months to focus on the general election. The plan before the Rules Committee of the national GOP would …