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Late surge for Obama health law

4:48 pm Mar. 30, 2014

There was ample evidence over the weekend of a last minute surge in applications for coverage under the Obama health law, as thousands of Americans stood in lines in a number of states, flooded phone lines and visited the federal web exchange to enroll for private health insurance before the …

White House: Health law signups over 6 million

3:05 pm Mar. 27, 2014

With time ticking down to the end of open enrollment on Monday, the Obama Administration announced on Thursday afternoon that a late rush on had pushed private health insurance signups over 6 million, pushing the White House over its revised enrollment goal. “Amazing comeback story,” tweeted White House senior …

Latest health care delay obscures Democratic message

1:23 pm Mar. 26, 2014

The goal of Democrats in the Congress on Wednesday was simple – focus on their legislative agenda items, like an effort to force a vote on immigration reform in the House, and votes in the Senate on a minimum wage increase, and an extension of long term jobless benefits and …

Feds allow extra time for health enrollment

10:00 pm Mar. 25, 2014

Less than a week before the March 31 end of open enrollment for the Obama health law, that deadline was extended by the Obama Administration, giving people more to finish their applications if they have had troubles signing up for private health insurance coverage. “Another day, another Obamacare delay,” said …

Congress tussles on Ukraine aid

8:41 pm Mar. 24, 2014

As the Congress returned to work on Monday, there was a lot of general agreement on the need to approve legislation to aid Ukraine in the wake of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, but a deal between the House and Senate on how to achieve that remained elusive. “Ukraine needs this …

Congress back for three week session

9:09 pm Mar. 23, 2014

After a week back home, the House and Senate return to legislative business on Monday for a three week work pre-Easter work period in Washington that may see more action on sanctions against Russia over Ukraine and finger pointing on a variety of other election year subjects. Let’s take a …

IRS warns of “largest ever” tax scam

7:19 pm Mar. 20, 2014

Despite warning taxpayers last year of a telephone scam that convinces victims they owe money to the Internal Revenue Service, investigators at the IRS say the reports are only growing of people losing money to callers who are claiming to represent the tax agency. “The increasing number of people receiving …

A different way forward on Russia

8:23 pm Mar. 19, 2014

Alarmed at the speed and ease by which Russia grabbed Crimea from Ukraine, and the lack of success for diplomacy in dealing with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, U.S. and European officials found themselves emphasizing an old style of foreign policy on Wednesday – one which involves military might. “Business as …

Pace picks up for health enrollment

8:33 pm Mar. 18, 2014

With visits to up dramatically in recent days, more Americans seem to be signing up for health insurance coverage, as the clock ticks down to the end of open enrollment for the Obama health law on March 31. “As this historic open enrollment period for the Health Insurance Marketplace …

Thinking ahead on Vladimir Putin

9:39 pm Mar. 17, 2014

Even as the United States slapped personal economic sanctions on 7 Russians and 4 Ukrainians, a move that seemed to draw chuckles in Moscow, President Obama quietly made clear that the U.S. would prevent any NATO allies from suffering a fate similar to Ukraine’s. “I’ll be traveling to Europe next …