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Ohio flu hospitalizations continue to climb
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New audit finds familiar VA troubles

2:10 pm May. 30, 2014

Echoing the findings of a report by the Inspector General of the VA, a new audit given to President Obama found schedulers were pressured to make it look like veterans were not waiting as long for medical appointments, citing a “systemic lack of integrity.” The report, posted this morning on …

Veterans treatment delays not a new issue for VA

11:47 am May. 29, 2014

As Congress looks for answers about patient treatment delays for veterans in the VA system, a 2010 memo from a senior VA official shows the issue of “Inappropriate Scheduling Practices” was certainly on the radar of the Department of Veterans Affairs well before recent stories about veterans dying while waiting …

VA report assails ‘systemic’ delays in veterans care

12:56 pm May. 28, 2014

In an interim report, internal investigators at the VA say scheduling delays for veterans were not limited to medical facilities in Phoenix, as the Inspector General “confirmed that inappropriate scheduling practices are systemic” throughout the VA health care system, leading to new calls for a major shakeup at the VA. …

Oldest House member gets the boot

9:39 pm May. 27, 2014

After 34 years in the U.S. House, 91 year old Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX) lost his bid for another term in office, as voters in a Republican runoff instead chose a 48 year old former federal prosecutor in a heavily Republican district in the Dallas area. “I entered this race …

Oldest member bids for one more term

6:00 pm May. 26, 2014

In a twist on some of the primaries so far this year, national Republicans are divided over a bid by 91 year old Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX) to win one more term in the Congress, as he faces a former federal prosecutor in a GOP runoff Tuesday in the Lone …

Cracks appear among Democrats over VA troubles

7:03 pm May. 21, 2014

Hours after President Obama made his first remarks on growing troubles inside the Veterans Administration in over three weeks, cracks began to appear among his supporters in Congress, as some Democrats for the first time publicly called for the ouster of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. “The first person to fire …

GOP Establishment flexes election muscles

11:08 pm May. 20, 2014

It was not the best of nights for Tea Party candidates nationally, as the Republican Establishment fought off challengers in a series of races for U.S. House and Senate, with voters in six states again refusing to knock out any incumbents in the Congress. 1. Georgia goes for the Establishment …

What to watch on Primary Tuesday

8:12 pm May. 19, 2014

As voters go to the polls in six states, there are a lot of different election angles to watch on Tuesday in Georgia, Kentucky, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Idaho and Arkansas, as the pace picks up in the battle for control of the Congress in the 2014 mid-term elections. Let’s take a …

Bluegrass Blues for Tea Party in Kentucky

7:46 am May. 18, 2014

From Covington, Kentucky As the calendar turned to 2014, Tea Party backers put a bull’s-eye squarely on Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, rallying behind his GOP primary opponent here in the Bluegrass State, hoping it would be one of a series of big Tea Party victories in primaries this mid-term …

Going to Dayton

11:26 pm May. 15, 2014

From Dayton, Ohio One reason I ended up in radio news was my childhood interest in AM and shortwave radio listening, which then led me into the amateur radio hobby. And often when you get bitten by the ham radio bug, you end up going to Dayton, Ohio. This weekend, …