Cruz vows fight against “P.T. Barnum”

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From Houston, Texas –

Back in his home state for the push to Super Tuesday, Ted Cruz won the endorsement of his Governor and urged voters in the Lone Star State to help stem the momentum of Donald Trump, labeling the real estate magnate and television reality star, “P.T. Barnum.”

“Texans have a very good ability to see through baloney,” Cruz told reporters, as he laid out the case to vote for a true conservative, instead of a vote for Trump.

Cruz seemed very pleased to be back on his home turf, especially after a disappointing third place finish in Nevada on Tuesday night, and in South Carolina the night before.

“Welcome home!” one woman shouted after Cruz was endorsed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Cruz rallied several hundred supporters at a metal manufacturing company in Houston, arguing that next Tuesday will determine whether Trump rolls to the GOP nomination.

“Super Tuesday, I believe, will be the most important day of this entire Presidential election,” Cruz said to cheers.

Cruz finished his speech to supporters by quoting from the Texans who defended the Alamo, arguing that this election has become a call to arms for those who live in Texas – to rebuke Donald Trump.