Sanders makes fresh appeal for unity

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From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania –

After a somewhat raucous first session of the Democratic National Convention, Democrats on Tuesday morning were trying to keep their delegates moving forward, though more outbursts seem likely from supporters of Bernie Sanders when the roll call of the states is taken on the nomination of Hillary Clinton.

Sanders himself tried to soothe some of his disappointed delegates, as he made several surprise appearances at state delegation meetings around Philadelphia, trying to stress his point from Monday night – unity.

“We all know what our task is and that is to make sure that Donald Trump is not elected President,” Sanders said to Florida Democrats, as he urged Democrats to come together and avoid division.

The Sanders visit to the California delegation seemed to be an especially important one, as that state’s delegates were some of the loudest on the convention floor on Monday – and he faced a few boos as he made his case.

At other delegation breakfast meetings on Tuesday, Democratic officials were stressing unity, and trying to bring the Sanders people fully on board with Hillary Clinton.

“I want to tell all of you, we are one family,” said Allison Tant, the chair of the Florida Democratic Party, as she praised the enthusiasm and passion of the Sanders delegates.

“Bernie Sanders did an amazing job last night,” Tant added.

Down the road at the Georgia delegation meeting, it was the same sentiment, as party officials preached unity.

“Bernie was great,” said Georgia Democratic Party chairman DuBose Porter, as he tried to make sure that Sanders delegates in his state would all have their votes counted properly in today’s roll call of the states.

“We’ve need to get some of the Bernie folks especially,” said Porter, as the delegates were reminded several times to sign the vote tally sheet. “That is essential to get the tally right.”

The same thing was going on at the Florida delegation, as Tuesday afternoon will bring the final tally in the race between Clinton and Sanders.

One might expect a few outbursts tonight as the roll call is tallied – after that, we’ll see if the Sanders delegates keep up their shouts from the floor or not.