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Trump to wait on NRA lawsuit over raising gun purchase age

9:18 am Mar. 12, 2018

A day after the White House announced that a special commission would study the idea of raising the minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21 years old as a way to stem mass shootings, President Donald Trump said Monday that he would first wait to see how the matter is dealt with in the courts, as the plan is already being challenged in the state of Florida

Trump school safety plan won’t include raising minimum age to purchase a firearm

8:44 pm Mar. 11, 2018

The White House on Sunday night officially set out the details of what policy changes President Donald Trump would support in the aftermath of a February 14 mass shooting at a Florida high school, as the President will back ideas like training for certain teachers and school personnel to carry concealed weapons, and funneling more mental health information into the background check system for gun buyers, but Mr. Trump will

After Trump rally, Tuesday test follows for GOP in Pennsylvania

7:38 am Mar. 11, 2018

With Republicans already concerned about the 2018 mid-term elections in Congress, President Donald Trump’s rally on Saturday night outside Pittsburgh represented one final GOP push to win a special election for a U.S. House seat in the Keystone State, as Democrats look to spin an election upset on Tuesday night and deliver a 2018 setback to the President and Congressional Republicans in a district that went easily for Mr. Trump

White House: Trump-Kim Jong Un meeting won’t take place without North Korean “concessions”

1:47 pm Mar. 9, 2018

A day after President Donald Trump agreed to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the White House said in order for there to be an actual summit meeting, then the Pyongyang regime must follow through on pledges made to South Korean officials that there would be no new missile tests, an effort to de-nuclearize, and major changes in behavior by North Korea.

“We have to see concrete and verifiable

Ignoring warnings from Republicans, Trump slaps new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum

2:54 pm Mar. 8, 2018

Brushing aside concerns from GOP lawmakers in Congress about spurring a trade war which might have negative impacts on the American economy, President Donald Trump on Thursday placed new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum coming into the United States, declaring the move is a “matter of necessity” for the security of the country, and a way to spur new jobs in those industries hit hard by foreign competition.

“Today, I’m

Trump tells Hispanic group he’s ready to deal on DACA – lays blame for inaction on Democrats

11:50 am Mar. 7, 2018

Already past a deadline for action in Congress on a plan to deal with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant “Dreamers,” President Donald Trump used a Washington, D.C. speech to urge a conference of Hispanic business owners to press for action on DACA and illegal immigration in general, blaming Democrats for the lack of an agreement.

“They don’t want to solve the problem. They would rather use it to get